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Christie Jenkins is a world class athlete in 3 different sports – trampolining, beach volleyball and Crossfit. She also specialises in helping people experience peak performances through speaking, consulting and coaching. Christie has spoken to groups of over 500 people, is a qualified life and business coach, writes for a number of websites and magazines, has appeared on TV and is an experienced business strategy consultant.

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The concept of ‘experiencing perfect performance’ arose from competing on the world-stage as an athlete in three different sports, as well as working closely with leaders in some of the top Australian organisations. It became clear that there were universal principles the world’s best use on a daily basis in order to consistently perform at the peak of their capability.

Nobody is perfect, but we all experience moments where we deliver a perfect performance. A moment when you or your company execute at the absolute maximum of your ability, in a state that feels effortless and euphoric.

Regardless of the endeavour, the perfect performers go about things differently. A desire for constant and never ended improvement drives them to seek out novel and better ways of approaching things. ‘Experiencing perfect performance’ is about sharing those strategies and tools – you’d probably figure it out on your own eventually, but why wait to level-up? Experience more moments of perfection. Experience them now.

Raise your standards.

Be a leader.

Learn to level-up.

Find the extra 1%.

Stand out.

Be elite.

Live in flow.

Experience perfect performance.


Learn how to experience perfect performance through a tailored keynote speech, team workshop or one-on-one consulting

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Monthly articles that explore the psychology of elite athletes and leaders, packed with practical tips for you to experience your own perfect performances

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~ Catherine Ngugen, ANZ


‘My parents met on a trampoline so perhaps it’s no surprise that I’ve spent half my life trying to point my toes in the midst of a triple somersault. I wonder if I was conceived on a trampoline…’

Trampolining (1993 – 2010)

  • Australian Champion for 12 years
  • Ranked in the top 10 in the world
  • Bronze at the Youth Olympics

‘Although I managed to achieve the highest graduating score of my school, I almost failed my final year of school based on attendance! I was too busy turning somersaults…’

School (1993 – 2005)

  • Top 0.1% of Australian students with an ATAR score of 99.85
  • Australian Students Prize
  • Dux of Firbank Grammar School

‘Parents threaten their children with being sent to the circus if they are misbehaved – I guess that was me. For a year my job description was soaring 10 meters above the ground on a flying trapeze’

Circus (2008)

  • Worked for Club Med
  • Flying trapeze, silks, Spanish web, doubles trapeze and acrobatics

‘It’s crazy to think that you invest 4 years of your life and $30,000 to to earn a piece of paper at the end of it. I hope I retained my money’s worth of information in my brain!’

University (2006 – 2010)

  • Economics / Chinese double degree
  • Graduated with Distinction

‘Consultants get to work on the really fun (tough) problems in a company. From strategy to structure your job is to solve the complex problems no one else can’

Management consulting (2011 – current)

  • Group Strategy team, ANZ
  • Group Advisory team, CBA
  • Freelance strategic consulting

‘CrossFit is the sport of working out. Bruises, rope burn, bleeding hands and complete exhaustion are your badges of honour as much as any medal.’

CrossFit (2012 – 2015)

  • 11th at the CrossFit Games, team CrossFit Athletic
  • Pacific Regional Champions, team CrossFit Athletic
  • 11th as an Individual Pacific Regional competitor

‘I haven’t been everywhere yet, but everywhere is on my list!’

Travel (2001 – current)

  • Travelled to over 30 countries
  • Lived abroad in USA and Brazil
  • Volunteered in Africa
  • Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt Fuji, Annapurna Circuit and the Grand Canyo

‘My daily uniform is a bikini, a sun-tan is a permanent feature in my life, and I chase summer around the world to all the best beaches. Not a bad sport to choose…’

Beach Volleyball (2011 – current)

  • Top ranked team 2016 Australian tour
  • Won multiple National level events
  • Represented Australia at Asian Championships
  • Gold in the biggest National Volleyball League (USA) event in 2013