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Fast-track your way to perfect performances



What does it mean to experience perfect performance?

There is no better feeling than those shining moments of glory where your hard work, resilience, passion, skill and focus combine to deliver a performance that is at the absolute maximum of your capability.  You experience a perfect performance. You probably remember those times as feeling magical – or experience a state of flow.

Many of the world’s top athletes and leaders can go years between those moments. And yet the power of experiencing a perfect performance is enough to fuel their motivation for thousands of early mornings, hours of boring meetings, and significant sacrifices.

What if you could experience perfect performance more often?

How powerful would it be if your teams could do the same? How much does getting it 100% right in the critical moment matter to you?

High performers – in the business world or on the sporting field – know that learning from your mistakes is the slow path to success. It is much faster to learn from other people’s successes. That’s what we do here. We’ve taken the absolute best mindsets, strategies and tools from the leaders in business and from the gold medallists in sport. And we are sharing everything with you. So start learning to level-up. Have your own moments of perfection.


A two hour keynote speech given to the 100 new Commonwealth Bank graduates during induction week. Keynote speeches are filled with candid truths, hilarious personal stories and battle-tested strategies for becoming elite.

“Real insights into corporate life… including the practical aspects we wouldn’t hear anywhere else. Entertaining and engaging – she is a fantastic speaker.”

Individual mindset coaching with Harrison Tullberg, an Australian Trampoline Champion and current member of Australian Aerial Skiing Team. Planning creative approaches to achieve ambitious goals, and dealing with the mental preparation required for sports where failure to perform perfectly can lead to a fall from the height of a 3 story building.

“Even though I was frustrating to coach, Christie didn’t push me away but pushed me to achieve. This has helped me become the athlete I am today.”

“I am really enjoying my thinking being stretched into new areas – as a HR community we need to do more of this if we are going to be seen as true value add business partner.”

A strategic thinking workshop with the ANZ Business Banking HR team. The outcome was a significant leap in the team’s ability to implement structured problem solving in a field that traditionally lacks it, leading to their work being recognised at higher levels within the bank.

Mental performance workshops with elite volleyball athletes in the USA. These sessions are highly interactive and athletes leave with not only a systemised understanding of the mental side of sport, but also the first steps on the path to perfect performance completed.

“Ten out of ten. Love Christie! Very good speaker and very personable. I felt comfortable talking and asking questions. I loved the interaction that was involved with each part of the presentation.”

One-on-one coaching with high achieving individuals across multiple sports and industries to fast track their success and help them experience more moments of perfect performance.

“I’ve currently embarked on a new wonderful journey to achieve an almost life-long dream. One of the people that has helped greatly to shape my new journey is Christie Jenkins – one of the humans I most respect in this world. I highly recommend working with her.”

“Christie brings an unusual depth and clarity of thought to her work, always offering unique and practical ideas to her audience.”

~ Kerri Pottharst, Olympic Gold Medalist, board member of Volleyball Australia, TV Host and speaker


Bachelor of Economics + Bachelor of Arts (graduated with distinction)

Seth Godin’s AltMBA program graduate

Qualified NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) Practitioner

Qualified Time Line Therapy Practitioner

Global Speakers Institute – Premiere Bootcamp graduate

Graduate of Australian National Speakers Academy program

Mark Dobson’s Elite Coaching course

Date with Destiny and UPW course graduate

Life coaching certification from The Life Coaching College

Content creator for the Business Coaching College

Graduate of Gina De Vee’s Live and Luxurious coaching course

RogenSI speaking qualification

Quote marks    The participants wanted to learn from her and I was impressed by how encouraging she was and how removed she was from her ego. She was sincerely excited for them to learn, was very supportive and put her own ego last. The whole time smiling. I have a great deal of respect for Christie, she is very focused, has an incredible work ethic and a wonderful warm nature.    copy-of-quote-marks-close

~Mark Dobson, co-founder of NYC university recognised by President Obama, international speaker, Olympic athlete mindset coach and author


Quote marks  Fantastic, 10/10. Energetic, insightful and inspiring.  copy-of-quote-marks-close


Lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, a keynote speech from Christie will make your event one to remember. As both an elite athlete and a management consultant she bridges the gap between the sporting and the corporate worlds. Each keynote is tailored specifically to the audience and will leave them inspired to experience perfect performances, armed with the strategies to do so and laughing throughout.


Consulting is designed to solve your problem, and help your organisation or team to level-up. Depending on your situation, the best solution may be a combination of workshops, external team-building days (flying trapeze anyone?), and coaching. Christie blends the traditional management consulting toolkit with the proven strategies of elite performers in the sporting world to help your organisation experience more perfect performances.

Quote marks  Informative, inspiring, and highly ambitious!  copy-of-quote-marks-close

Quote marks  Engaging, down-to-earth, real.  copy-of-quote-marks-close


Coaching is structured as a single day intensive, or as a regular conversation over several months. Working one-on-one with Christie fast-tracks your journey to elite and catapults you past your competition. Learn and immediately apply the strategies the best in the world use on a daily basis. Level-up today. Accelerate your journey towards a perfect performance when it counts.