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What if you could 10x your results this year?

High performers – in the business world or on the sporting field – know that learning from your mistakes is the slow path to victory. It is much faster to learn from other people’s successes. Christie has taken the absolute best mindsets, strategies and tools from the leaders in business and from the gold medallists in sport. And she shares everything with you.

Reach out to to see how you can propel your team to elite levels of performance. Christie is available for keynotes, consulting, and coaching.


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Quote marks    The participants wanted to learn from her and I was impressed by how encouraging she was and how removed she was from her ego. She was sincerely excited for them to learn, was very supportive and put her own ego last. The whole time smiling. I have a great deal of respect for Christie, she is very focused, has an incredible work ethic and a wonderful warm nature.    copy-of-quote-marks-close

~Mark Dobson, co-founder of NYC university recognised by President Obama, international speaker, Olympic athlete mindset coach and author


Flip your thinking

For senior leaders and executives.

In mature businesses and markets, the thinking that got your company to its position will not take you any further. As leaders and executives, your plate is full with meeting Board expectations, getting shareholder returns, doing quarterly updates and annual planning, and responding to the demands of managers below you. However, your true role as a leader is to drive the creation and achievement of the vision, and in today’s markets you need a new thinking tool-kit to do it. This is next level thinking, for the next era of business.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The power of story, and how to change yours
  • The thinking that will 10x your teams’ growth
  • The simple rule that will exponentially increase cooperation and results

Raise the bar: Transforming talent from good to world-class

For mid-level leaders and the top talent within an organisation.

When we see athletes perform incredible feats under the pressure of global attention, we know that they have developed a different mindset than everyone else. But it’s a mindset that has been learnt and practiced. ‘Raising the bar’ is about sharing the exact same strategies of elite performers with the talent and leaders in your organisation – accelerating their development from good, to great, to world class. Your talent might figure it out on their own eventually, but why wait to level-up?

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why standards matter more than goals and motivation
  • How to rapidly increase skill acquisition (even for soft skills)
  • How to access ‘the zone’ on demand, so you can perform when it matters most


Jump higher: Launching your career into the stratosphere

For graduates, university and senior high school students.

Entering the workforce is like being thrown in the deep-end with nothing but some well-meaning advice to help you swim. But ‘follow your passion’ and ‘work hard’ are platitudes that don’t translate into high performance – or promotion. In this talk get real swimming lessons for the work force pool. Jump start your career, and end up higher than you thought possible.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why skill trumps ‘following your passion’ when it comes to happiness at work
  • How to identify your values, and figure out how to meet them at work
  • How to deliver incredible value, so people will say ‘yes’ when you ask for what you want

“Christie brings an unusual depth and clarity of thought to her work, always offering unique and practical ideas to her audience.”

~ Kerri Pottharst, Olympic Gold Medalist, board member of Volleyball Australia, TV Host and speaker


Quote marks  Fantastic, 10/10. Energetic, insightful and inspiring.  copy-of-quote-marks-close


Lasting anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hours, a keynote speech from Christie will make your event one to remember. As both an elite athlete and a management consultant she bridges the gap between the sporting and the corporate worlds. Each keynote is tailored specifically to the audience and will leave them inspired to perform at an elite level, and armed with practical strategies to do so.


Consulting is designed to solve your organisations toughest problems, and help your leaders and teams to level-up. Christie not only has the traditional management consulting toolkit of a Big 4 firm, she combines it with the proven strategies of elite performers in the sporting world. If you are searching for a consultant who will have real and original impact rather than leaving just a pretty PowerPoint deck behind (although you’ll get that too!), then get in touch.

Quote marks  Informative, inspiring, and highly ambitious!  copy-of-quote-marks-close

Quote marks  Engaging, down-to-earth, real.  copy-of-quote-marks-close


Coaching is structured as either an intensive session spanning a few hours, or as a regular conversation over several months. Working one-on-one with Christie fast-tracks your journey to elite and catapults you past your competition. Learn and immediately apply the strategies the best in the world use on a daily basis. Level-up today. Accelerate your journey towards a perfect performance when it counts.