A partnership with a difference



You should be aiming higher than just a good return on investment.

Sponsorship deals can run the gamut from a couple of posts on Instagram in exchange for free product, to one off donations to causes that seem worthwhile, to negotiating million dollar deals with the agents of celebrity athletes. These deals can leave both parties wondering if they got their money’s worth. But what if we looked for a better way – a partnership that not only delivers exceptional value, but is more of a friendship, or a long-term relationship, than an impersonal business deal.

Think outside the box.

I know that great ROI is a minimum requirement for a sponsorship agreement. But elite performers don’t settle for the minimum. I’ve thought outside the box to come up with some ways that you can get even more outstanding value for your investment. How about a flying trapeze lesson for your next team building day? Or an inspirational keynote speech at your company’s next offsite? What would it mean to your employees or customers to have guest blog posts written by an elite athlete? And of course you can have your logo on my bikini bottoms – there may not be much space but plenty of people will be looking!

“Christie is one of the most focused individuals I have ever met and her diligence to excel in the things she takes on is remarkable. She sets very high standards for herself, sincerely appreciates feed back and constantly improves. This makes her a great resource
as she wants to do things exceptionally well.”

~ Mark Dobson, co-founder of NYC university recognised by President Obama, international speaker, Olympic athlete mindset coach and author 


Black Rock Myotherapy

Black Rock Myotherapy is a Bayside based, custom built clinic where a broad range of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders are treated. Treatment methodologies range from massage, to cupping, to dry needling and taping. They are my go-to for any soft-tissue issues and I always walk away feeling a hundred times better!


RockTape is a premium brand of kinesiology tape. First used by acupuncturists and chiropractors in Japan, today kinesiology tape is used by a wide variety of health professionals throughout the world to treat injuries and pain. Unlike traditional athletic tape that binds and doesn’t stretch, ROCKTAPE is engineered to mimic the human skin. This stretchiness is what gives ROCKTAPE its performance advantage over other tapes. Rainbow is my favourite colour for sure, although you’ll often see me sporting a colour to match my bikini.

True Protein

True Protein is an Australian based company that creates incredibly high quality protein powders and other sports supplements to help with training, recovery and performance. There are no additives, fillers, artificial flavours or sweeteners. Plus all the ingredients are sourced organically from New Zealand and around the world. I’m addicted to their chocolate flavoured whey protein isolate – put it in smoothie with avocado, almond butter, banana and coconut and it literally tastes like a chocolate thickshake!


Aiming to become more elite?

Your company is already a high performer, and you are ready to step up and become truly elite. Partner with Christie on your journey and access all her teachings gleaned from years as a professional athlete and consultant to business leaders.

Going through change?

While change is often necessary, it is rarely greeted with comfort from your employees. As someone who has changed sports three times and been successful on the world stage every time, Christie is an expert in embracing change and maximising success.

Seeking to share a message?

Do you have a message or a brand that aligns with what I do? Sometimes you just need to get the word out. Let’s share platforms, messages, audiences and media coverage.

Creating products to support excellence?

If you are a gold medallist in your industry, partnering with a gold-medallist in sport makes sense. Excellence comes in many forms but the truly elite recognise and gravitate towards one another. Let’s help propel each other to greater heights.

Building an elite team?

Incorporating an elite athlete into your team is an incredible way to level-up. I bring not only my knowledge and skills on how to become elite, but an understanding of how to forge a team that will stand up tests like the pressure of world championship competition. All this in a terminology that makes sense to business – I’m experienced at consulting with business leaders.

Representing a summer lifestyle?

There is no sport more iconic of summer and an active lifestyle than beach volleyball. It is a quintessential representation of all the good memories that come from days spent in the sunshine, among the company of friends, and moving your body. Link your company to the sport that everybody loves.

“She’s AMAZING!”

~ Sophie Kell, USA


1. Keynote Speaking

Inspirational and content-packed keynote speeches tailored specifically to your organisation’s needs. Christie is an experienced speaker to groups of up to 500 people.

2. Workshops and Team Building

Bring the elite strategies of world-class performers into your organisational teams. Or step outside the office for a team-building day like no other. Flying trapeze or beach volleyball anyone?

3. Executive Coaching

Treat your leaders and high performers to one-on-one coaching with Christie. There is no better way to fast-track their progress to becoming elite.

4. Image Use

Forget stock photos – spice up your marketing with video and image use of an elite athlete.

5. Public Appearances

Previously, Christie has appeared at trade shows and events on behalf of sponsors. For instance, making Vuly Trampoline’s trade show stall memorable (and award-winning) by performing tricks and giving lessons to kids.

6. Product Use

Do you make elite products? Product placement and use is one of the more traditional, but still valuable, forms of sponsorship.

7. Social Media

With a large and growing social media following, your company and products can benefit from exposure to a new audience.

8. Mainstream Media

Christie is regularly interviewed for both print and television mainstream media. Capitalise on this with product placement and company name mentions.

9. Audience Access

Use Christie’s audience to run competitions, give-aways and promotions, increasing the hype around your products.

10. Content Provision

Christie writes in-depth articles for a number of websites and magazines. Benefit from custom content written for your staff or clients.

11. Professional Skills

As an experienced management consultant with some of the largest Australian companies, Christie can call upon her professional skills as part of a sponsorship arrangement.

12. Event Access

Christie can arrange VIP tickets to beach volleyball tournaments – a great way to treat high performing staff or valuable clients.